Our history

We provide comprehensive professional indemnity and expert advice and assistance to more than 290,000 members in over 40 countries

MPS was founded in 1892. It is a membership organisation of healthcare professionals, providing comprehensive professional indemnity and expert advice and assistance to more than 290,000 members in over 40 countries around the world.

At the end of the nineteenth century, doctors and dentists were operating in an increasingly difficult professional environment. They had to deal with libellous accusations by patients and an increasing number of unregistered and unqualified quacks. In the 1880s, a number of high profile negligence and criminal cases made the headlines, and it soon became clear that individual doctors did not have the resources to defend themselves in these cases.

The need for strength in numbers was obvious. MPS, known initially as the (London and Counties) Medical Protection Society, was formed in the UK and within two years it had more than a thousand members.

The benefits provided by the organisation gradually grew – at first MPS only provided discretionary indemnity to fund members’ legal costs – but over time this expanded to include any damages and costs awarded in the case. By the 1940s MPS started providing protection to members overseas.

The medical profession has changed dramatically over the last 120 years. The founding members of MPS would not recognise the complex environment in which doctors now work, and would be baffled by the legal problems that result. However, what they would recognise is that, just as in 1892, doctors need MPS as much as ever – a mutual organisation where fellow professionals use their judgment to provide a flexible range of benefits that meet the evolving needs of members.

  • As a mutual, not-for-profit professional organisation, MPS is owned by – and accountable to – its members.
  • Our purpose is to protect and promote members' professional interests, often in a changing environment.
  • We believe that patients who have experienced an adverse event are entitled to, and should receive, a full and open explanation.
  • MPS believes that patients who have been avoidably harmed through negligence should receive fair compensation.
  • We are committed to supporting members throughout their careers, and strive to help wherever possible.
  • We offer risk management tools to reduce members' exposure to risk, and so improve patient safety and satisfaction.
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