Why choose MPS?

MPS can help you with the legal problems that arise from your professional practice.

Members approach MPS with a wide range of professional queries and problems and have access, immediately, to advice from fellow professionals with specialist medicolegal knowledge. Members say how valuable it is to receive independent confidential advice.

Just talking through a problem may be enough to reassure you or confirm that your proposed course of action is correct. It might also prevent you doing something that has potentially disastrous consequences.

We can help with:

Comprehensive indemnity

If you face a negligence claim, we can help by providing comprehensive indemnity against legal costs and damages awarded against you. All indemnity benefits are subject to the conditions set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association

MPS indemnity

There is often a gap between an adverse incident occurring and a complaint or claim being brought. Members who have paid the correct fees can ask us at any time for help with an incident that occurred while they were a member – even if it is years later that the problem arises. MPS indemnity is specifically designed to offer this peace of mind.

Good Samaritan acts

In the unlikely event that you are sued as a result of a "good Samaritan" act, you can apply for assistance from MPS, no matter where in the world the action is brought.

Legal representation

MPS provides legal advice and representation to members in a wide range of circumstances, including first-class legal representation and advice from specialists in the field of medical litigation. 

Media relations

You may be unfortunate enough to be involved in a civil case or disciplinary proceedings that attract adverse publicity and/or unwanted media attention. If necessary, we will help you prepare statements to the press and shield you from press intrusions, as far as is possible, by acting as your spokesperson.

Counselling service

MPS members who are suffering from stress as a result of an adverse incident or medicolegal matter have access to confidential professional support through telephone and face-to-face counselling.

Law and ethics

We can help you to resolve specific ethical and medicolegal dilemmas as they arise in your everyday practice.

MPS publications and risk management

We take an active role in promoting good medical practice and minimising the risk of clinical mishaps. Our publications are designed to provide members with a good working understanding of the legal and ethical principles governing the practice of medicine. In addition to our list of publications, MPS promotes risk management through workshops, lectures and a series of multimedia training modules.


We monitor the development of professional and national policy with medicolegal implications, lobby for change and make representations to decision-making bodies.

Discounted books for MPS members

As an additional benefit of being an MPS member we have negotiated some special offers on a variety of books and CD-ROMs. See our “Offers and discounts” page for full details.

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